April 27, 2013 - O-mochi

O-mochi are traditional Japanese sticky rice cakes made by literally "pounding the life out of" steamed glutinous rice into a paste and molded into different shapes. Japanese people eat o-mochi the whole year round but more so, during the first week of the new year.

Learn the method of preparing O-mochi through a ceremony called “mochitsuki”, organized by OISCA- Negros and the Filipino-Japanese community of Bacolod.

Demo starts at 9am at the Event Centerof the Negros Farmers Weekend Market, Magsaysay Ave., Bacolod City. For inquiries & seat reservations, pls call 4330177, 0917-3003291.

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Available:  naturally-farmed, chemical-free vegetables. The market is a no-plastics zone.  Please bring your eco bags when shopping.